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Allow HCG to Assist you With Quick Weight Loss

If you’re overweight, it’s going to comfort you to know that you’re not alone.

Losing weight offers so many health benefits, it’s worth a go. Your cholesterol is under control as well as your blood pressure and blood sugar. Losing weight also helps with preventing those weight-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Simply put, obesity is often the result of consuming more calories than one expends through physical activity. In modern times however, stress, poor sleep and environmental toxin exposure are now also contributing factors  to the obesity epidemic.


Start Releasing Abnormal Weight

Although Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy, it has been found that small regular doses of HCG result in an increase in metabolism and the body releasing abnormal fat when used together with a specific 500 calorie daily diet. It isn’t HCG which makes you lose weight, but rather the diet, and it offers new hope for those who thought weight loss was out of the question.


A Researched Weight-Loss Programme

 British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons developed the HCG Weight Loss Cure Protocol after spending 30 years looking for a cure for obesity.  He investigated links between endocrinology, obesity and psychosomatic disorders, concluding that the key to obesity lies in the diencephalon, a part of the brain.

He wanted to correct the diencephalic deficiency which he claims leads to excess body fat being accumulated. He noticed very thin pregnant Indian women on low calorie diets, delivering healthy babies and attributed this to the abundance of HCG in their bodies. Dr Simeon worked out that a low fat, low calorie diet, together with daily HCG injections could result in astonishing weight loss.

He laid out a diet-list for those wanting to lose weight, together with HCG drops or injections. The list was first published way back in the 1950s, known as ‘Dr Simeon’s Protocol’. The original very-low-calorie-diet (500 calories a day) is the benchmark for the diet, although revised versions of the HCG diets have been released in recent times.


Breaking News – The Weight is Over!

Your hypothalamus is a collection of specialized cells located in the central part of your brain. It works with your pituitary gland to control your hormones, and your thirst and appetite are also controlled by signals sent from your hypothalamus.

If this part of your brain isn’t balanced – which happens when you endure stress or trauma or you are constantly going on fad- or yo-yo diets – your metabolism suffers, you’re constantly hungry and you accumulate fat in all the areas of your body you least want it to.

How HCG Works

Dr Simeon theorized that HCG directs your body to hang on to the good fat while using your abnormal fat for fuel. This process starts working with caloric restriction.

With a low-calorie diet, your body is sent into an energy deficit and is forced to use your fat reserves for fuel. With HCG, your body becomes a fat burning tool as it transforms this abnormal fat into 1,500-3,000 calories a day of energy and nutrition. When people are using HCG, they aren’t generally hungry because of the calories provided by the burning of these fat reserves.

There are 4 phases of the Fat Elimination HCG Protocol to Transform you into the ‘New You’.

Phase 1 – the Loading Phase

This phase lasts 2 days, with the body loading up on essential fats and nutrients to ensure its ready for phase 2. It is here you will start taking an effective homeopathic version of HCG in conjunction with a regime of simple supplements to encourage efficient fat burning.

Phase 2 – the Core Phase

This phase can last between 21 and 40 days and it is where you start the 500 cal/2100 kJ per-day-diet.  This phase includes the homeopathic HCG drops, metabolic supplement boosters and the diet. Once this phase is complete you no longer continue with the drops.

Phase 3 – Reset Phase

You’ll be pleased to know you can increase your caloric intake, avoiding sugars and starch. This phase lasts about 18 days.

Phase 4 – Maintenance Phase

At this state your weight and your calorie intake have settled. Your metabolism will be high so that you’re able to easily burn the food you consume. You will love having your hunger and food cravings well under control and be eating small amounts of healthy food, feeling perfectly satisfied.



HCG isn’t a revolutionary magic spell or easy fix, but it does offer an exciting solution to resetting a sluggish metabolism. On completion of the program, most clients report that it was easier to maintain a healthy weight whilst subscribing to a healthier diet and lifestyle regime than before doing the program. Clients also reported having clearer skin, more energy, better sleep and were more inclined to make healthier food choices.

Curious? Find out more by making an appointment with Angela French today!

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