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“Bust through burnout and get back to balance!”

Burnout is a phenomenon that occurs from the misalignment of self care and performance output. It often sneaks up slowly on people, taking months or years to develop. Then seemingly without warning and usually after a stressful event or acute illness, the wheels begin to fall off and a person finds themselves cast into the throws of burn out. Burn out syndrome can be categorized as feeling chronically fatigued, brain fogged, inexplicably anxious, emotional or depressed with a lack of basic drive and interest in work and/or usual hobbies. Angela French Naturopath has years of clinical experience supporting clients through the varying stages of burn out and helping clients understand their own unique physical and emotional cues that lead to ill health and burn out.

Did you know…

Inadequate and poor quality sleep has a major impact on hormonal function and overall health and wellbeing. A decent sleep means it should be easy to fall asleep and stay asleep, resulting in feeling refreshed and restored when you awake in the morning. Other signs of a good nights rest also include recalling some or all of your dreams with mouth breathing and snoring kept to a minimal or non-existent altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue/burnout, low thyroid function and hormonal imbalance?

Fatigue and (but not always) unexplained weight gain
Dry skin
Sensitivity to cold
Irregular menstruation

Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout
Chronic fatigue/difficulty getting out of bed
Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty coping with stress
Feeling like an ‘evening person; most energetic at night
Night sweats

Hormonal Imbalance
Low libido
Period problems
Anxiety and/or depression
Weight gain
Insomnia and fatigue
Hot flashes (women)
Loss of muscle mass

If you suspect you have the symptoms of burn out or adrenal fatigue, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us for an assessment and consultation. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine your existing hormone and nutrient status then develop an individualized health plan to get you back in balance.

Ready to feel better? Make an appointment today!


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