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Digestive Conditions Blog

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Good digestion is paramount to good health. Digestion is the process where the food we eat is broken down and refined so that it can be absorbed into the blood system and then carried to cells to provide the body with nourishment and energy.

If you aren’t absorbing what you consume, and you’re not digesting it, then no matter how nutritious your food, you are missing out on the food’s benefits.

Waste Products in the Blood Stream

Just like a blocked sewer system can contribute to the spread of disease, a body with faulty intestinal elimination means that waste products accumulate in the blood stream and contribute to the development of a host of diseases.

All health functions are undermined if you’re not digesting and eliminating your food properly. The reason for this is that the inability to digest food properly indicates a lack of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Your body takes enzymes from other parts of your body into the digestive organs, many a depletion in other parts.

Many people say that mainstream doctors and medicines can no longer help them and that naturopathic medicine is well worth a try.

Digestion is all about your food being mixed with digestive juices, moving it through the digestive tract and breaking the food down into much smaller molecules. People spend millions on laxatives worldwide, without realising that overuse of stimulant laxatives makes the gut dependent on them and you require more and more with less and less effect.

Common digestive system disorders may include;

• Diverticulitis
• Reflux
• Ulcerative colitis
• Gas and bloating
• Cramps and spasms
• Indigestion and nausea
• Diarrhoea from fear, anxiety, shock, food poisoning, gastric flu
• Constipation, prolapsed rectum, compacted faeces associated with prolapse
• Hiatus hernia
• Parasites and worms
• Colon polyps

Diets high in refined foods decrease the body’s need for hydrochloric acid. When you’re young, your body produces enough acid to properly digest your food, but as we age, stomach acid drops, and we battle with heartburn and indigestion. Digestive aids such as hydrochloric acid and probiotics can be powerful tools to rectify this.

When you start adding whole, unrefined foods to your diet a diet of predominantly of raw foods, intestinal problems start rapidly improving.

Other common tips to aid digestion include;

• Drink plenty of water – about half an hour before a meal.
• Eat foods free of food additives, artificial sweeteners, colourants and preservatives. Eat more raw foods so you can get natural nutrients and enzymes destroyed with cooking.
• Take supplements which aid digestion – the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A and D. A naturopath might do some food allergy tests after which they might recommended digestive enzymes. Lack of sufficient pancreatic enzymes resulting from stress, poor food choices or infection are a common cause of incomplete digestion. Capsules and chewable tablets are available.

The Naturopath has a range of treatments to help improve digestive functions. Some changes in diet will nearly always be necessary. Dietary treatment may be supported by herbal or homoeopathic medicines to assist the digestive organs and natural enzymes to make good any deficiencies.

Digestive System Problems eased up At Last!

When digestion is below par, recovery can’t be expected unless digestion and absorption are efficient. Your Naturopath will often recommend pre and pro-biotic foods as well as vitamin and mineral supplement including enzymes and hydrochloric acid. With a completely adequate diet, digestion and absorption can often be restored as quickly as within a month.

Please call the Naturopath, Angela French at The Work Well on (07) 5580 9742 or visit our clinic at Julatten Drive Robina Gold Coast, QLD 4226 for more information.

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