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Immune Health – a Natural Resistance to Infection and Disease


Some people seem destined to catch a cold or flu while others seem to always avoid them.

Perhaps you tire easily or you get recurring colds and infections. The body’s ability to protect itself from offending organisms is made possible because of several factors that come into play – diet, nutritional supplements and enough sleep and exercise. All these have a powerful impact on how quickly we recover from a cold. 

Fighting Fit

Today, doctors remove the tonsils willy nilly for children battling with colds. The tonsils, are in fact, one of the first lines of defence against respiratory diseases. Inflamed tonsils, coughing and sneezing are signs of the immune system protecting one from disease causing microbes before they harm us.

Fever and inflammation is also another way the body defends us from bacteria and viruses. Some invading organisms do however get past the physical barriers when the immune system isn’t functioning optimally.

When the body attacks its own tissue, you get what is known as auto-immune diseases such as hashimotos, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, increasing rates of cancer, heart and degenerative diseases are like a barometer of the body’s ability to fight off disease. Certainly as our immune function declines, so disease increases. A weakened immune system simply can’t cope with the onslaught of stress, toxins and germs bombarding it.

Some factors which contribute to us succumbing to disease are:

  • lifestyle, diet and nutrition
  • our genes
  • stress and our emotional state

  • pollution and environmental toxins
  • the overuse of antibiotics

What is this precious, indispensable immune system of ours?

It ensures we don’t have to live in a sterile environment. It is a highly specialised front-line defence that when healthy, will destroy disease-causing invaders. It’s job is to protect the body from disease and this simply means that if it is suppressed, it is vulnerable to attack. 

The immune system is absolutely amazing, and when serious outbreaks of infection cause some people to succumb, if yours is healthy, you’ll be fighting fit. The immune systems tackles millions of bacteria and viruses every day to keep us healthy from infections and disease.

Negative Thought Patterns Disappear like a Morning Mist

Some people just need to let a little bit of sunshine into their lives. Just from having the morning sun on your face is enough to allow you to let go of mental and physical tensions and see things in a new perspective.

Most people in the 21st century are bombarded with stories of the dangers of the sun and now have a vitamin D deficiency. Of course you have to heed warnings, but a lack of sunshine makes people cold, sad, depressed and unhealthy. 

Our primary source of vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D is the sun and is critically important for your mental wellbeing.

Diets Devoid of Vital Nutrients

Unfortunately our food supply has been abused and we are seeing more diseases of an immune system gone awry. More than half of our total immune cells are located in the gut, ready to destroy the antigens present in our food. Bacteria in the gut plays an important role in digestion, and when the stomach and small intestines aren’t able to digest certain foods, gut microbes help.

Apart from gut microbiome aiding digestion, it plays a role in other health-related functions such as weight management, metabolism, your mental state and cardiac health. Gut bacteria also aids with the production of important vitamins. 

The body is wonderfully regenerative and when we treat it properly and provide it with wonderful superfoods – raw fruit and vegetables – the immune system is boosted.

Higher levels of vitamins and minerals go hand in hand with good cell performance and the secret is to optimise the immune system before things start going wrong. Zinc for instance, boosts the thymus. Without a healthy thymus, the immune system can’t do its work. Zinc is the most important mineral to the thymus gland. It is recommended that patients deficient in zinc take a supplement of zinc daily to improve the immune system’s antibacterial ability.

Restoring Health and Balance

Nature offers excellent, powerful disease-fighting tools. The focus of naturopathy is to support and strengthen the immune system by encouraging lifestyle changes, looking at detoxification along with a range of supportive natural treatment options.

The idea is to find a naturopath who will work with you to start an immune boosting programme so you don’t have to experience disease.

A naturopath can help with your stress too – a factor that puts the immune system into a state of overload. Learning ways to relax and calm your overstressed mind simply helps garner the body’s ability to become fighting fit and to heal itself.

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