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Mental Health and Naturopathy

Mental Health

Mental Health

Having a mental illness may mean you are emotionally unstable, your personality is affected and you will require some form of guidance. Mental illness includes illnesses such as depression, psychosis, addictions, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Mental Illness – It’s a Child Thing Too

There was a time when children were rarely diagnosed with mental illness, but it’s become a scourge of the 21st century. Today there are many children suffering from mental illnesses from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to depression and full-blown psychosis.

Psychiatrists quickly prescribe psychotropic drugs which often come with distressing side effects. Parents are only too pleased to consider a safer, effective alternative to treat brain disorders.

One of these is cognitive behavioural therapy – a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of underlying thoughts in determining how a person acts and feels.

Having a mental illness refers to a number of disorders that affect your mood, the way you think as well as your behaviour. Many people who suffer with a mental illness will tell you that the stigma and discrimination is often worse to handle than the illness itself. About 20% of the Australian population will experience mental illness in any given year, and will suffer distress and problems functioning at work, with family and in social situations.

Mental Health Key to Emotional Wellness

Mental illness is treatable so that the many individuals with mental illness are able to continue to function with day-to-day activities. To achieve mental health, the idea is to help people understand first of all what a mental illness is and then to find and engage new ways of coping with the symptoms. After all, mental health is key to emotional well-being and being able to contribute meaningfully to society.

Psychiatric drugs – not a lasting Solution

Psychiatric drugs are often prescribed for mental illness but this isn’t a lasting solution. Naturopathy may offer an alternative, natural solution that promises long term results. The goal with naturopathic treatments is to first establish what the underlying factors are that have caused the sufferer to develop a mental health condition.

Things such as genes, environmental factors and nutrient deficiency are all taken into consideration. A balanced diet high in protein will be recommended. Seafood, fish and linseed oil will be good choices whilst overly processed and refined foods should be avoided.

Supplements may also be recommended such as high-potency B-complex vitamins, high-dosage evening primrose oil, amino acids, magnesium and energetic remedies such as flower essences.

Negative Thoughts need to be Changed

Naturopathic treatments towards mental health and wellness go beyond treatments such as massage manipulation and acupuncture. There is also the need to release negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, and this is where cognitive behavioural and other psychotherapies may be of benefit.

Naturopathy for mental health is to give the body what it needs with the use of supportive therapies. Supportive therapies however are not one size fits all and are selected on an individual basis. Many times, once the best therapy is identified, supportive therapies are often not necessary anymore.

A Complete Self-Help System

Naturopathy works to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, panic, depression and even irritability. With its calming effects and its ability to restore balance, you have at your fingertips a complete self-help system.

Please call the Naturopath, Angela French at The Work Well on (07) 5580 9742 or visit our clinic at Julatten Drive Robina Gold Coast, QLD 4226 for more information.


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