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“Preconception and pregnancy programs”

Whether you’re pursuing parenthood with a partner or doing it solo, preconception preparation, pregnancy and post-natal care is critical for a healthy pregnancy, healthy bub, healthy family and a healthy community. Angela French offers professional care and compassionate support with your fertility journey and STRONGLY recommends both prospective parents make themselves available to undertake preconception care for at least four months before trying for a bub, whether naturally or via IVF.

Did you know…

It takes two to tango. Male factor infertility is actually a lot more common than people realize and can equate to 50% of infertility cases overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do preconception care?

Benefits for prospective parents

  • increased chance of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, baby and post-natal period.
  • an alternative to IVF for many fertility problems
  • enhances IVF success for those requiring the assistance of IVF.
  • an empowering experience of understanding and managing your own fertility
  • improved general health and energy for both partners.
  • equal involvement and support for each partner
  • May be helpful for older couples or couples who have been trying to unsuccessfully conceive for more than 2 years.

Studies suggest when BOTH partners complete a 4 month preconception program before trying to conceive, can significantly increase their fertility outcomes and reduce the incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature labour and birth defects*. Other benefits may include a decreased occurrence of morning sickness, gestational diabetes, hypertension and post-natal depression.

*Ref: Ward, N. Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 1995, 5: 205-208.

What does a preconception health care plan involve?

  1. PREPARING FOR PREGNANCY: Getting clear on where you’re at and understanding what’s involved in your unique fertility journey. The initial stages of preconception care involve fact finding using comprehensive health questionnaires, discussing any previous pathology findings and requesting further pathology if indicated. Tests may include further blood testing, nutrient profiling, hormone testing, food compatibility testing, toxicity and heavy metal testing and MTHFR screening.
  2. DETOXIFICATION: Detox, de-clutter and reset your body! Just like you would spring clean the house before bub arrives, why wouldn’t you do the same for your body to ensure a healthy baby, pregnancy and post natal period? Like nesting is for your house, detoxing is like nesting for the body. Our detoxification program is tailored to suit your unique needs and consists of a three step process of Weed, Seed and Feed.
  3. The WEED Stage: In order for the body to flourish and thrive, it is crucial
    that we ‘weed out’ pathogenic microorganisms (yeasts,
    parasites, bacteria) and improve immune system health.
    Antimicrobials, healthy eating and balancing pH levels
    within a healthy range may assist with removing disease causing pathogens.
  4. The SEED Stage: This involves renewing the gut with beneficial bacteria,
    restoring a balanced microbiome and healing the lining
    of the gastrointestinal tract. A healthy microbiome assists
    with proper immune system functioning and discourages the growth of unfavourable bacteria.
  5. The FEED Stage: The final stage involves restoring and nourishing the
    gastrointestinal organs and involves foods, nutrients and
    herbs that have a supportive and nourishing effect.
    Fibre is crucial for supporting a diversity of healthy
    bacteria. Prebiotics provide fuel for beneficial bacteria in
    the colon without feeding pathogenic microorganisms. Studies suggest that supporting a healthy diversity of gut bacteria supports the development of a healthy baby.
  6. FEMALE AND MALE FERTILITY, HORMONE BALANCING: This stage focuses upon enhancing fertility in both partners and correcting any hormonal or nutritional imbalances via the provision of a herbal, nutritional and lifestyle prescription.
  7. MAINTENANCE: This is generally the last phase of the preconception program and consists of a prescription to specifically enhance fertility and well-being. Couples now have the green light to actively start trying to conceive or to commence IVF proceedings.

Ready to start your fertility journey? Make an appointment today. We look forward to working with you!

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