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Promoting Resilience – When S#!t Hits The Fan. A Naturopathic Perspective

Millions of people all over the world are battling with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Many have been impacted by tragedy, crime, illness and trauma and the world can seem a very dark and scary place.

Resilience…. it’s a term we often hear in relation to adopting a positive “she’ll be right mate” attitude during the rough times.  But often we don’t consider the impact of our diet and lifestyle choices in relation to our psychology and resilience. Simply put resilience is about dusting yourself off and jumping (or crawling) back to your feet when the chips are down and life has been relentlessly hurling mud in your general direction for what seems an eternity. Resilience is all about bouncing back, it doesn’t mean glossing over hardships and pretending all is well when you feel like you’re dying inside. Heck no, resilience is all about embracing the yuck, processing the big and sometimes ugly emotions, then making the conscious decision to pick up the pieces or leave them where they lie and moving on with your life. You get to choose whether life owns you (Victim mindset) or you own life (Victor/Boss Mindset).

Coping Strategies can be Learned

It has been said that the physiology of happiness is also the physiology of health. When we learn to better understand the cues of our body and what it needs to function well – our ability to boldly step forward and face stress with centredness and grace is significantly enhanced. In the face of adversity you may not think you will ever be able to face life boldly again, but the truth is, you can assist your body to fight back.

Your emotional and physical health, disrupted after trauma, CAN be brought into balance again with the right help and support. The naturopathic perspective utilizes lifestyle changes, counselling, nutritional, herbal and energetic remedies to procure a speedy recovery.

In fact, resilience can be improved simply by consuming more fruits, vegetables, seafoods, seeds and legumes, exercising and getting enough sleep. This will help keep the body healthy and raise your vibration. Processed foods, excess sugar, saturated fats, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs combined with no sleep and no exercise promotes inflammation within the body and will lower our vibe and resilience. (What on earth does vibration mean? Simply google how to raise your vibration).

Marvellous Magnesium and Beautiful B-Vitamins

Natural remedies like magnesium and B-Vitamins are well known for calming your farm under stress, improving your outlook and improving your mood. Good sources of magnesium include nuts, seeds and dark leafy greens such as spinach. Good sources for B vitamins include dark leafy greens, wholegrains, legumes, meats, nuts and seeds. Magnesium and B-Vitamins are imperative for anyone experiencing chronic stress or a mental health condition. Supplementation with good quality products is often be recommended for greater therapeutic benefit or if dietary intake is inadequate.

Lifestyle Habits that Keep you Down and Lower your vibration

During times of stress many people often fall into habits or addictions which can actually reduce their resilience in times of struggle. Some smoke, others drink, gamble, shop, game, stress-eat or bite their nails, pick their skin or keep themselves so busy with life that they don’t have to think about the stuff under the surface. Not being able to control yourself with these so called ‘weaknesses’ can be frustrating, debilitating and potentially damaging to one’s health.  It is important to understand addictive patterns with compassion and understanding, rather than guilt or shame. These habits are often created to provide a person with a support system that acts as a means of soothing one’s inner world when there are feelings of discontent or disconnectedness. Hypnotherapy, counselling and guidance for inner healing work are all great places to seek help and heal that void. Naturopathy can assist as a supportive therapy for the reduction of cravings, mood swings, anxiety and depression. Other suggested lifestyle changes may include meditation, exercise, art therapy, animal therapy, ocean therapy and yoga to help alleviate stress and face life with a sense of calm.

Conventional Treatment Drawbacks

Stress in the 21st century is the main factor that puts the immune system into a state of overload. There are many treatments available that teach people how to manage stress and strengthen their resilience. Some include conventional drug treatments that may assist a person to recover or feel better – and can even be life-saving and very necessary. However conventional drugs don’t always address the underlying cause, meaning symptoms regress or re-occur down the track. Naturopathy is a fabulously supportive option for those taking prescribed medication and for those looking for drug alternatives. (N.B Please consult your treating practitioner before making changes to any prescribed medication).


Your existing lifestyle may well be contributing to your negative, ‘all-is-lost’ outlook at our modern world. People stress-eat, they’re moving less and sleeping badly. When adversity strikes, it comes as no surprise many are ill equipped to bounce back. Ready to make a change? Want to learn what it takes to rise in times of adversity and reclaim your joy and build resilience?

Reach out and make an appointment today!

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