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The Damaging Effects of Antibiotics and their Over-Prescription


Say what you like, antibiotics are a miracle of modern medicine – they’ve been the reason that many illnesses haven’t killed us. 

Antibiotics have been used for those times when it is clear your immune system isn’t able to rid the body of bacteria. Antibiotics kill bacterial cells without killing the cells that make up your body. Now, however, the very word has created a medical storm, and something threatening is emerging. 
Go Cautiously.

Most colds are viral, and taking antibiotics to treat a cold won’t stop the infection but can just give you a host of unwanted side effects. All medications have side effects, and when used sparingly and correctly, antibiotics are relatively safe. They’re notorious however, for having some nasty side effects.

Some of these side effects are;

• Upset stomach – cramps
• Diarrhoea – antibiotics can upset sensitive gut flora
• Vaginal and mouth yeast infections
• Facial swelling, difficulty with breathing
• Vomiting
• The likes of tetracycline can cause permanent tooth staining, particularly in children whose teeth are still developing
• Some antibiotics can cause heart problems such as an irregular heartbeat

Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria

In the 21st century where antibiotics are prescribed willy nilly for every sniffle, it is this very misuse and over-prescription of antibiotics that have meant them becoming ineffective. Antibiotics should only be prescribed as a last resort.

Misuse of antibiotics, which includes not completing a course of therapy, has allowed bacteria the opportunity to mutate and become resistant to future treatment. Antibiotics are no match for the very bacteria they’re meant to be fighting. In fact, standard drug therapies are no longer able to treat 21st century diseases caused by stress, environmental toxins and poor nutrition.

A couple of years ago, the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), warned that ‘the end of modern medicine as we know it’ is around the corner because bacteria are becoming too resistant to antibiotics.

International Travel – a Culprit

Certainly the downfall of antibiotics has also been put at the feet of international travel. Travellers return home with infections that are notoriously difficult to treat, and these days, the chance of dying from pneumonia in hospital has even risen.

The frightening thing is that if antibiotics are being rendered useless, who knows how more toxic, and more costly the next round of replacement treatments will be?

Ineffective antibiotics are simply assisting with driving up hospital and drug costs and doctors try to find cures. 

Rectifying the Faults of Antibiotics

It appears as though a complete overhaul of treating illnesses with bacteria is needed.

Naturopathy is a treatment being revitalised as a very effective treatment approach. It consists of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders by the use of natural methods. These can include among others, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hygiene, clinical nutrition, and naturopathic manipulation.

Getting the Immune System to Fight its own Battles

Natural treatments, used for generations, have the ability to stimulate the immune system to fight its own battle. The immune system needs to be the benefactor of plant nutrients which help the immune system to stop cancer, destroy viruses and kill bacteria.

There are plants and foods that qualify as natural antibiotics and they should be part of your diet. Garlic, onion, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric are examples. Garlic has endured thousands of years as a treatment for everything from common colds to treating asthma. It contains sulfur, an effective free radical scavenger with super-antioxidant properties known for its abilities to boost immune function. 

There are a wide range of other conditions that Naturopathy treats such as ear infections, intestinal upsets, heart disease, mental and emotional problems as well as physical injury and trauma.

Naturopathy – maintains a Natural Resistance to Infections

Naturopathy doesn’t offer an overnight magical cure, although quick results are not unheard of. Excellent results come from persistence with positive lifestyle changes.

When modern medicine is failing, it is mind-boggling to realise that nature has actually designed the human body with everything it needs to fight most diseases. Naturopathy is about treatments that boost the immune system, giving it all the support it needs to tackle every disease.

As we go through the 21st century, nothing is more important than our health, and nature has given the body the wonderful ability to heal itself.

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