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Our clinic is moving! We will be operating from Robina on the Gold Coast from 15.01.2020
Julatten Drive
Robina Gold Coast QLD 4226

“Improve your health today for the life you want!

We are delighted to welcome you!

 Angela French is a leading Gold Coast Naturopath who passionately supports and inspires her clients to reclaim their health and live a life they LOVE! Experience the difference for yourself and discover what truly progressive and personalized naturopathic healthcare can do for you. Established in 2008, our office is located in Robina amongst lush tropical surroundings. 

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 Our Mission:

To provide exceptional health care that inspires and empowers our clients to reach their full potential and lead happier and healthier lives. 

 Our Philosophy:

We believe in seeing and treating you as a whole person, not just your illness.

We believe that truly listening to our clients is pivotal to the healing process.

We believe that educating our clients and community is critical for better health outcomes. 

We believe prevention is better than cure. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”

We believe the best healthcare practice is to find and treat the underlying cause, not just manage symptoms.

We believe that good health is more than just having a good diet, taking supplements and getting regular exercise. We aim to educate and motivate our clients to look closely at all mitigating physical, mental, psychological and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to their current health status. “Your psychology dictates your biology”.

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"Amazing Naturopath. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable especially in weight loss. Highly recommend her. Best Naturopath by far." D.W
"Angela has helped me immensely over the last few years and I highly recommend her. She is very caring and professional and it’s easy to see why she gets results, as she keeps one’s overall health in the forefront of her practice" M.W
Amazing Naturopath. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable especially in weight loss. Highly recommend her. Best Naturopath by far. R.R
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